Every cookie and cake from Baker By Night is made entirely by hand, by me. From the design to the baking to the decorating to the little finishing touches on packaging, it’s a 100% custom job just for you. All cookies are rolled, cut and decorated by hand. Every order is different.

Everything I make is with real ingredients that you can actually pronounce the names of. I only use real butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla, high-quality chocolate, real fruit, etc. And trust me–you can definitely taste the difference!

Custom cakes: Every cake is completely different and size, design, and flavours will all contribute to a the price. The following prices are minimum prices and reflect a very simple design–no cake of each category will be less than that, but will most likely cost more.

  • 3-layer single tier, 6″-7″: Starting at $50
  • 3-layer single tier, 8″-12″: Starting at $100
  • 3-layer double tier: Starting at $200
  • 3-layer triple tier or higher: Starting at $300

Custom cupcakes: Cupcakes start at $3.00 for orders up to 24, with one cake flavour, any buttercream or icing of your choice, and sprinkles. 3 dozen and up cost $2.75.  Very large quantities (like wedding favours or corporate orders) are negotiable! All designs and toppers will have an additional cost. Cupcakes must be ordered in dozens or half-dozens (12, 18, 24, etc.)  Minimum order 1 dozen.

Mini cupcakes start at $1.75. 4 dozen and up are $1.50. Minimum order 2 dozen.

Custom cookies: Starting at $1.00 for very simple small cookies (1″-2″, single colour), $3.50 for a medium cookie (roughly 3″-4″), $4.50 for a large cookie (4″-6″), $35+ for any extra-large, hand-cut feature cookies. Minimum order of $75. Very large quantities (like wedding favours or corporate orders) are negotiable!

Packaging: There are lots of options for customizing your cupcakes or cookies for gifting or favours. Show me an idea of what you like and we’ll talk about it; almost anything is possible!

Delivery: Starting at $15 for Burlington/Oakville, $20 for Mississauga, Milton or Hamilton, and $30+ for delivery further out. Pick up is always free and I’ll give you some tips on how you can get your treats home safely.


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