Not too much to say about these ones, just wanted to give a little bit of context to some of the projects in the gallery. One of the worst things about starting a new blog is having to port everything over from the old one. Horrible. Anyway, here ya go. NSFW alert on the first one though! No looking at nekkid fondant forms at work, you baddies!

BDSM Cupcakes for Bachelorette Party

I think of all the cupcake toppers I’ve ever made, these are my favourite. They were made for the bachelorette party of an aspiring sex therapist, so I figured she deserved to have the usual penis-shaped confections cranked up an extra notch.

BDSM Bachelorette party cupcakes
NSFW. Bachelorette party cupcakes for a future sex therapist. Kinky!

NSFW alert over! You can bring your children out from the closet now.

Big Comfy Couch Birthday Cake

Fun 7-degrees-of-separation fact: a guy at my work is related to the original Loonette the Clown. Crazy, amirite?? We lost our shit. Here’s a Big Comfy Couch birthday cake I made with watercoloured stand-ups. I really like the stage-scenery effect of having different pieces like that.

The Big Comfy Couch birthday cakeThe Big Comfy Couch birthday cake.
Big Comfy Couch Birthday cake close-up
Close-up of the hand-painted watercolours.


50th Birthday Monster Cake

The birthday boy was an avid runner. Too bad you can’t run from the long claw of inevitable death, amirite? AhhhhhhhI’m just kidding. Look how cute 50 is. He just wants to give you a present!

50th Birthday Cake

50th Birthday CakeAlternate, dramatic angle.

Reboot Cookies

REBOOT! Apparently they’re bringing this show back. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a very, very bad thing.

Reboot cookies
Reboot cookies!

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